2022 Award-winning Rose for Your Garden

When the American Rose Society takes notice, you should too!

Suñorita™ Rosa

“What IS that?!” Is the familiar refrain of this never-passed-over rose with non-stop blooms. Even our growing professionals had that to ask about this remarkable standout. Why? Here’s the 411 on why Suñorita™ Rosa needs a place in your garden, landscape, and patio planter.

If you love the look of classic rose buds and blooms but prefer the easy-care nature of shrub roses, you have found your winner with Suñorita™. This rose bush blooms non-stop for months without needing to remove any spent flowers and emits a soft fragrance in the morning to start your day off with a cheerful ray of rose scented sunshine. An exceptionally lovely rose shrub to grow, Suñorita™ also has impeccable resistance to common rose diseases, making this rose a carefree and easy choice for growing in your garden. When it’s a standout at trials, you know it’s a trailblazing rose innovation.

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Looking for further recommendation and credentials? Suñorita™ was honored by the American Rose Society with its 2022 Award of Excellence and crowned Rose of the Year by Proven Winners’ National Plant of the Year.

Top 3 Reasons to Grow Suñorita™

(From the National Plant of the Year committee.)

  1. Perpetual blooms from early summer to frost.
  2. Vigorous and effortless growing with excellent disease resistance.
  3. Unique golden glow from orange sherbet and golden yellow hues with soft fragrance.

Suñorita™ sets elegant, classically shaped red-orange buds on new wood that open into distinctive deep peach and orange sherbet-colored flowers from early summer through frost. The elegant blooms have petals in an even, double whorl; and as the blooms age, they develop a golden tone. Borne in clusters, the lightly sweet-scented, ruffled blooms repeat rapidly, attract bees to the garden, and make lovely bouquets and additions to floral arrangements.

Carefree Suñorita™ thrives in full sun, blooming summer into fall in Zones 5a – 9b. It’s not a fussy rose, needing only average soil and watering. Its mounded habit and medium size (4’ x 4’ at maturity) makes it versatile too. Use Suñorita™ rose in pots, planters, borders, and as a focal point in your flower garden. Plant in mass for natural privacy and add to your landscape to draw the eye to its electrifying colors in your yard, garden and on the patio.

What’s better than an orange rose? An easy care, award-winning, new variety orange rose!

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