47 inch Parks Green Powder-coated Tomato Pen - Pack of 3

47 inch Park's Green Powder-coated Tomato Pen - Pack of 3

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Simply the best tomato support we have ever used (and we've tried them all!), this green powder-coated wire pen offers 360 degrees of heavy, durable support for those fruit-laden branches. Even if you're growing tall, vining, indeterminate tomatoes, you will find it easy to secure the branches to the sides of Park's Green Powder-coated Tomato Pen and protect the harvest from breaking the stems and branches of your plant. We highly recommend these pens, not only for tomatoes but for peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and other heavy fruits and vegetables.

Easy and durable, this sturdy 8-gauge galvanized-wire pen will last for many years in your vegetable garden. The wire frame is coated in a weather-resistant covering and colored a shade of green that blends right into the garden! Each panel is 14½ inches wide and 47 inches high, and each "leg" of the pen ends in a tapered point.

To use the pens, simply sink these tapered points up to 6 inches deep in the soil around the young plant. No other support is needed! As the plant grows, it will lean onto the sturdy sides, supporting its big bounty of vegetables! Park's Tomato Pens stand up to winds, rain, and other rough treatment beautifully, lasting a lifetime.

Use one Tomato Pen for bush-type tomato plants, or stack two for taller, indeterminate types. After harvest, just hose the pen clean, if needed, and fold it for compact storage 'til next year. Pack of 3 pens.