5 Tier Greenstalk® Vertical Planter with Mover

5 Tier Greenstalk® Vertical Planter with Mover

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When you're low on horizontal space, the best way is onward and upward! The GreenStalk a revolutionary planter which features 5 tiers with specialized pockets to grow plants in any season and virtually any location. This vertical garden is made on American soil right in Eastern Tennessee and is crafted from high quality materials. The UV-resistant plastic is free of BPA, BPS & PVC and is as durable as it is easy to clean. This version comes with a total 30 planting pockets that you can plant with a variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers and strawberries. Each tier has 12 drainage holes so excess water can drain out. You can redirect or cap off excess water by using the GreenStalk Mover. Simply fill the top water reservoirs to the 5 tier mark whenever they need to be watered. This unique watering system delivers a steady stream of fresh water to each of the pockets below, ensuring ideal hydration at maximum efficiency!

To make things even simpler we've included the GreenStalk Mover which allows you to rotate and move the GreenStalk Vertical Planter with ease, no need for tedious stacking and re-stacking! The Mover comes with a total of 6 wheels (3 of the wheels have the ability to lock). For use on a flat surface. Some assembly required.