6 Rose Colors and the Perfect Gift Occasion for Each

What do rose colors mean and which to give to send just the right message.

pink rose

When Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, we all know what that means. Everyone will be scampering to get the perfect bouquet of a dozen red roses and the biggest heart-shaped box of chocolates for their sweetheart.

Well, what kind of roses should you get for your significant other? Yellow? Traditional red? Or how about pink? The color means more than you might think.

Roses are ancient symbol of love and beauty, so naturally they were adopted as the “it” gift for the day that celebrates love. Red roses in particular carry the meaning of love and desire. But, roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day or for your lover. They’re for all of the people in your life, and make a great gift for any occasion.

Each rose color carries a different meaning, and you wouldn’t want to give your friend a romantic gift, would you? To keep you from having an embarrassing moment, we’ve created this guide for all of your rose-giving needs.


  1. Coworkers
  2. The peach rose signifies trust and appreciation, the perfect color for closing a deal and giving your business partner peace of mind.

  3. Family Members
  4. The sweet pink rose shows your loved ones that you appreciate them and all that they do for you.

  5. Just Friends
  6. Show your friends that you care with a yellow rose.

  7. Making the Move
  8. Lavender roses symbolize enchantment, so if you’re trying to make a good first impression, turn the charm on with purple.

  9. New Love
  10. The white rose represents purity, and is associated with young love.

  11. Romantic Love
  12. The almighty red rose is the perfect gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day.