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Rhododendron Abbeys Re-View

Rhododendron Abbey's Re-View

Abbey's Re-View

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With luscious lavender and pink flowers, the Rhododendron Abbeys Review Azalea is absolutely gorgeous in yards or gardens that are large enough to accommodate its 6 to 8-foot breadth. Similar to its P.J.M. cousin, this flower has the additional advantage of being far more resistant to heat, allowing it to flourish in a much broader range of climates and regions. Perfect for use as a privacy screen or border standout, this flowering bush also has the rare, but lovely, benefit of blooming twice a year--once in the early spring and once in the early fall. Moreover, the Rhododendron Abbeys Review is a hardy plant that resists both pest and disease related infestations while also giving off a light but pleasant aroma. This trouble free flowering bush is just waiting for your garden. Zones 5-9.