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Abelia Panoramic Color™ Radiance

Abelia Panoramic Color™ 'Radiance'

Distinctive foliage is variegated and evergreen

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From foliage to flowers this compact shrub is a feast of appealing features. A sport of A. 'Kaleidoscope' its leaves are deep green with yellow gold margins set upon a vivid crimson stem. The plant is evergreen to semi-evergreen depending on the climate so you can enjoy the variegated foliage all year long. Freckling the foliage from spring to fall are countless creamy white trumpet like blooms which attract butterflies, pollinators, and appreciative looks from human visitors alike. This Abelia is as reliable and low maintenance as it is adorable and it fearlessly resists deer and tolerates both drought and heat. It can reach up to 3-5 feet tall and wide and does best in zones 6-9. The easy to care for 'Radiance' grows best in full sunlight with well drained soil and looks beautiful in borders, hedges and mass plantings. Kick back, relax, and let 'Radiance' spice up your landscape!