About Wayside Gardens

In 1920, Jan Jacob Grullemans, marketer and plantsman, and nurseryman Elmer Schultz, pooled their talents and European horticultural backgrounds to found Wayside Gardens. Their vision was to grow and market exciting, unusual, and garden-worthy plants of the highest quality — and they succeeded most spectacularly!

Wayside has become one of the most respected mail-order nursery in the US, legendary for the quality of its plants and bulbs, the excellence of its varieties, and the sophistication of its clientele.


Where we started

Originally located in Mentor, Ohio, Wayside Gardens grew rapidly until the 60's, when J. J. Grullemans died. In 1975, Wayside was bought by Park Seed Company and moved to South Carolina. Since then, the company has grown and flourished, becoming an undisputed leader in gardening today by maintaining the founders' dedication to providing discriminating gardeners:

  • Outstanding and unusual varieties
  • Proud to be a world-wide leader in Horticulture
  • Excellent plant quality
  • Impeccable service

Our Focus

Today, Wayside Gardens focuses on providing unusual, high-end plants and accessories for the serious garden enthusiast. Both the catalog and the website present an extensive selection of top-quality container and bare-root plants, along with decorative accessories, many available exclusively from Wayside Gardens.

Wayside remains true to founder J.J. Grulleman's pledge to offer only the most superior plants exhibiting the highest levels of quality. We guarantee all Wayside Gardens products to be high quality, true to type, shipped properly, and to perform as advertised. If this is not the case, notify us as soon as possible, and we will gladly resolve the issue, offer gardening advice, or provide a company credit. Please understand that we cannot accept responsibility for the results of extreme weather, neglect, unforeseeable acts of nature, or ignoring our hardiness zone recommendations

Over 90 years of gardening excellence!