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Acer Aureum

Acer 'Aureum'

Leaves as golden as a Harvest Moon

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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Why wait a whole month to glimpse the beauty of a full moon when you can enjoy it all year round? This yellow-leaved maple tree is a treasure with its rounded habit and bright foliage giving it a very lunar feel. The brightest and purest yellow tones are seen in spring and when the fresh leaves are the same shade as newly hatched ducklings. Summer adds a green edge to the leaves giving the tree a more chartreuse look. In autumn orange and red tones make an appearance and finish the season with style. You will have to experience its color changing magic to believe it. Does best in full sun to partly shaded areas and so easy to care for you will love with shapely ornamental tree! It is great in containers, as a specimen or scattered around as accents, this tree is sure to shine in whatever role you choose for it.