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Acer Koto no Ito

Acer 'Koto no Ito'

Acer palmatum 'Koto no Ito'

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This gorgeous dense, compact Japanese Maple is most known and loved for its dazzling spring foliage. The small, palmate, 5-lobed leaves emerge chartreuse with orange-tinted margins and mature to a brilliant green once summer arrives. The color show continues into fall, with the foliage finally turning pastel shades of orange and yellow. Springtime also brings small, reddish blooms that are attractive up close but not particularly showy at a distance.

'Koto no Ito' usually grows into a 4-6', vase-shaped form within the first ten years, then slowly becomes more rounded as it matures to its full 10-12' height. It makes a stunning specimen or accent and is simply spectacular when planted in a group around your house or patio. Because of its small size, 'Koto no Ito' is also a good candidate for container growth.

'Koto no Ito' easily grows in moist, organically rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. It takes well to sandy loams. If you're in the northern parts of its growing range, you can grow it in full sun, but if you live in the southern areas (including St. Louis) of the range, provide it with some part afternoon shade. New foliage can scorch if grown in full sun in areas that have particularly hot summers. Try to avoid hot, dry sites, and protect it from strong winds. Mulching is also suggested, as it helps the soil retain moisture and keeps the roots cool. Keep pruning to a minimum, and any that must be done should be done in late fall to mid-winter. Zones 5-9.