Acer Palmatum

ACER Palmatum
Japanese Maple

Leaves Planting:

In northern zones, choose a location which receives full sun. Farther south, the location should be partially shaded. Bright sun helps produce the deepest colors in red cultivars. Soil should be rich and well-drained, high in organic content with ample moisture. Shelter from drying winter winds is desirable, particularly in the northern portion of its range.


Formative pruning is desirable, as is spur pruning for those cultivars with interesting bark coloration (A. ‘Sango Kaku’, for example). Such pruning should be done in late summer or early fall and, at the same time, any dead branches should be cut back to live wood. Water well during periods of drought, especially in the first 2 to 3 years after planting.


Zones 5 to 8