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Achillea REALFLOR® Lemon Cherry Fizz

Achillea REALFLOR® 'Lemon Cherry Fizz'

Tall Vibrant Blooms on Robust Stems

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'Lemon Cherry Fizz' is a bold twist on traditional yarrow. Its enticing flower heads mature to a bold red and pollinators find them absolutely irresistible! Unpalatable to deer and rabbits, this perennial is ideal for pest plagued landscapes. Despite its towering habit, 'Lemon Cherry Fizz' is quite durable and its stems are sturdy enough to handle its large blossoms without flopping. It doesn't need much water and performs well even in poor soil, making this yarrow an excellent choice for beginners and chronic "plant killers". Treat your garden to the easy low maintenance beauty of 'Lemon Cherry Fizz'!

Achillea are incredibly tolerant of drought and willing to take off in even the poorest of soils and all they need to flourish is well drained soil in a sunny spot that doesn't get too much wind, and they'll be ready to bloom for you from summer into fall! Choose this bright red variety to bring life back into your landscape. They do best in full sun.