Agrobite Desktop Plant Light

Agrobite Desktop Plant Light

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Make starting seeds, growing on seedlings, and overwintering tender and tropical plants part of your desk or office environment with this adjustable plant lamp! The light is a mix of daylight and full spectrum, so both you and your plant will stay healthy! And it's fun to have your plants at your fingertips as you work!

This lamp has an adjustable neck so that you can direct the beam of light just where you need it to go. Place a Bio Dome full of just-sprouted seedlings beneath this lamp, or your favorite tropical plant, or a flat of young annuals that cannot be transplanted into the garden just yet. The full-spectrum plant light is ideal for all of them!

This lamp puts out the equivalent of one 150-watt bulb, so it's great for reading and working at close range, too. It has a Kelvin temperature of 5400, a lumens of 1500 and a life span up to 5000 hours. (Replacement bulbs are available here and inexpensive!) So versatile!

The neck of this lamp adjusts from 15 to 25 inches above the base, and can be angled to the desired point. A 6-foot power cord plugs into any nearby outlet. Handy and easy to move from spot to spot in your home!

This lamp is energy efficient as well. It won't flicker or vibrate, as traditional fluorescents can, and it uses less energy to produce more light. Your plants receive continuous full-spectrum light to grow in, and you get clear, bright light to see in. Win-win!

The Agrobite Desktop Plant Light measures 9.6 inches long and 7 inches wide a the base. The head, attached to the 15- to 25-inch neck, is 9.5 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, and 1.75 inches high. The entire unit is sturdy, attractive, and very durable. 5 pounds.