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AlgoPlus Flowering Fertilizer

1 liter Flowering
Item # 09201
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This 1-liter bottle of AlgoPlus Fertilizer is specially formulated to give your beautiful flowering plants the boost they need. Its analysis is 4-6-7 of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which is important in the health of your flowering plants:
• Nitrogen is great for inspiring a positive growth rate and treating your plants so they may process essential nutrients more efficiently.
• Phosphate is imperative for root growth and flowering.
• Potassium is vital for the overall health and disease resistance of your plant.

From one bottle of AlgoPlus Flowering Fertilizer you can make more than 100 gallons of solution for your garden. It is simple to mix as you only need one capful of concentrate per gallon of water for a regular feeding or use half a capful if you prefer to spray feed right on the foliage.

The AlgoPlus Fertilizer for your flowering plants supplies your plants with a gentle source of nutrients as it contains no color, odor, or harmful chemicals. It is completely mineral based. Use AlgoPlus Flowering Fertilizer to stimulate your garden and provide you with the beautiful blossoms your hard work deserves.