Peruvian Lily


Outdoors, in the far south, set bulbs 1 foot apart in a rich but light, well-drained but moisture-retentive soil, and in a location receiving partial shade. In zones 6-8, set out after danger of frost is past, planting 4 to 6 inches deep, and mulch well.

Indoors, plant in the autumn, using a suitable potting mixture and water sparingly until growth starts; then water amply throughout blooming season.


Water during periods of drought. We recommend a winter mulch in the northern spectrum of its hardiness zones. Farther north, after foliage has matured in fall, dig bulbs and store in damp sand or suitable material, to keep bulbs from drying out. Indoors, after blooming, taper off watering till foliage matures.

Keep plant in its pot and fairly dry until ready to begin the growth cycle again; or remove from soil, dry and store in a shallow container of damp sand until planting time.


Zones 5 (with protection) to 9