Acer Amber Ghost

Acer Amber Ghost

Acer palmatum 'Amber Ghost'

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If you haven't grown a Japanese Maple yet, 'Amber Ghost' is a great one to start with! Its upright, symmetrical habit and palmate, deeply divided foliage make it an elegant exemplar for the Genus. If you are already an Acer aficionado, you'll appreciate 'Amber Ghost' for its absolutely unique color show!

Hundreds of Acers boast color-changing foliage, but we've yet to find one that can rival the rich, pleasing progression of 'Amber Ghost'! The leaves unfurl bright pink to herald springs arrival, then take on a more orange, melon-like tone through the sweetest days of the season. As summer heats up, the orange brulees into a caramel, amber tone streaked with distinctive green veins. And then when autumn's cold snaps come on, 'Amber Ghost' rages against the dying of the light, blazing bright red and orange before the leaves finally fall.

A real show piece for the landscape, 'Amber Ghost' grows fairly large for a Japanese Maple, with a wide, upright habit that holds its distinctive foliage out in a prominent display. This slow grower takes about 10 years to reach 10 feet, ultimately growing up to 15 feet high and wide--but don't think it can't be potted! In a container 'Amber Ghost' becomes dwarfed and tops out at just 6 feet. An excellent "middle" planting for the woodland garden (between the shade trees and the ferns, hostas, and hellebores), 'Amber Ghost' also makes a lovely focal point anywhere in the landscape that is a bit sheltered: afternoon shade is ideal. Its warm tones and elegant form are especially well-suited to Waterside, Japanese, and Formal gardens.

'Amber Ghost' is one of the 'Ghosts' introduced by Buchholz Nurseries as part of the Flora Wonder™ Collection. We recommend it especially for gardeners in zone 9, where many Japanese Maples struggle. Like other Acers, it thrives in part shade where the soil is kept moist but well-drained. It prefers a semi-acidic pH. Such a lovely specimen! Zones 5-9.