Amelanchier First Editions® Standing Ovation™

Four Seasons of Interest | Hardy to Zone 2

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Standing Ovation™ is an impressive, multi-tasking flowering shrub offering 4 seasons of interest. A massive display of white flowers appear each spring, attracting bees, followed by almost circular dark green leaves in summer and berries in June, enticing birds. The bush brightens the landscape as it takes on stunning red and orange autumn color, and the uniform, upright, almost perfectly oval habit and 15-foot height provides structure during winter.

The lovely form makes this serviceberry a good specimen. Grouped, it makes an eye-catching hedge or wind break. The edible berries, similar to blueberries, can be eaten fresh, pressed for juice, dried like raisins, cooked in jams and jellies, or baked in pies, crumbles, and muffins.

Uses: Height in Small Gardens, Hedging, Specimen Plant, Screen, Winter Interest