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Americana Hybrid Greenhouse

Americana Hybrid Greenhouse

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This item ships standard for FREE to the continental U.S.!The Americana Hybrid Greenhouse is perfect for those gardeners looking for a dependable greenhouse that will give their gardens superior protection for years. The frame is made from heavy-duty aluminum while the base boasts a galvanized steel construction to provide rust-resistant durability. The siding is made from a polycarbonate panel that has both thermal insulation for when the temperatures drop below freezing and UV radiation protection rated 100% so your plants get the nourishing sunlight the need without the extra rays that can cause them to whither or burn. At 8 feet wide by 8feet deep, the Americana Hybrid Greenhouse provides enough space to set up multiple rows, shelves, or potters, and with an 8-foot-tall roof at the apex of it?s a-frame, you have more than enough head space to move around freely.