Apricot Drift®

Apricot Drift®

Rosa hybrid 'Meimirrote' PP#23,354

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We can't say enough good things about Drift® groundcover roses! They come from the House of Meilland in France, a venerable old family of rose growers who brought us the super-hardy, super-tough Meidiland Roses decades before the Knock Outs® and other shrub roses arrived on the scene. The Drift® series combines the best merits of full-sized groundcover roses with miniature roses, and the results are simply spectacular.

Here's how these roses behave: they have the tough garden presence, winter hardiness, and disease resistance of fine Meidiland groundcover varieties, coupled with the repeat-blooming ability and small size of traditional miniature roses. Apricot Drift® brings you hundreds of small, fully double apricot-pink blooms over 3 seasons every year, beginning in mid-spring and ending in mid-fall in nearly every climate. The flowers are upturned, perfectly formed (with about 30 to 35 petals each), and gorgeous. They appear in waves, with a few weeks' rest between bouts of flowering. You will be blown back by their beauty!

Apricot Drift® reaches just 1½ feet high in full bloom, and spreads to about 2½ feet wide. The foliage is dark green, lush, and very healthy, even in hot and humid southern and southwestern climates. When it was grown at the famous University of Georgia (UGA) Trial Gardens in 2012, it earned a place on the Top 10 Roses list!

Give this plant full sun, excellent soil drainage, and a lot of pampering the first year. Roses always bloom better in enriched soil, so feed it regularly, but beyond normal care, you will find it very adaptable to stresses. For best dense, spreading habit, be sure to cut the plant back in early spring, after the last anticipated frost. Enjoy this lovely rose in containers, too! Zones 4-11.