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Lilium Apricot Fudge

Lilium 'Apricot Fudge'

Unique Shape and Appealing Colors!

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This very unusual Lily holds its flowers upright along the stem, so that they really show off their unfurling peachy-apricot petals and rich chocolate-brown anthers. Often compared to roses, Apricot Fudge has all the form of a hybrid tea with the staying power and easy care of a vigorous shrub rose!

Apricot Fudge is an L/A hybrid, one of that fascinating group bred from Easter Lilies (L. longiflorum) and Asiatic Lilies. It blooms in late spring or early summer in most climates, with good-sized flowers that open slowly and last a long time, thanks to waxy petals that keep both their color and their texture beautifully even when the weather is rainy, humid, or hot. The combination of apricot and brown is rare indeed in the plant world, and Apricot Fudge will stand out in any setting!

This plant is a vigorous and easy-care addition to the sunny garden, thriving in good, well-drained soils for many years. The first year or two it will reach about 25 to 30 inches high, but over time will grow taller and wider, with more (and often larger) flowers each year. Lilies are such a treasure for dedicated gardeners, repaying the effort put into them with a bigger and better show every season!

Best in full sun everywhere but the deep south and far west, Apricot Fudge may need support as it grows taller and broader. It works well behind shorter perennials and shrubs, but is such a standout beauty that you may just want to stake it and show off its lovely, ever-increasing habit!

Butterflies and bees appreciate the blooms by visiting frequently, and if you lean in for a closer look at these flowers, you may be rewarded by a light, sweet scent! Apricot Fudge is full of surprises, all of them lovely! Zones 4-8.