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April Moon®  36-Inch Tree Rose

April Moon® 36-Inch Tree Rose

'JACelbel' Rosa

36-Inch Bareroot Tree
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Cultivar name: 'JACelbel'. By Native American tradition, the full moon in April was known as the "Pink Moon" because that was the time of year that wild ground pink phlox would bloom, carpeting the earth in color. April Moon® offers incredibly bright (almost neon) tones, and this tree form of the flower sets a sphere of blooms reminiscent of a luminous pink moon hanging just above the horizon.

This standard form offers a strong central "trunk" with an April Moon™ shrub on top, shaped into a lovely sphere. What a fashionable statement for the patio, formal garden, or the specimen planting!

Like other hybrid teas, April Moon® thrives in full sun and moist, well-drained soil, preferably on the acidic side. Prune in late winter/early spring, removing dead or weak canes and reducing the existing ones by one third to half. In colder climates, provide April Moon® some winter protection to keep it insulated.

This child of 'Elegant Lady' and Beloved™ gets its lovely form and color from its parents, as well as a vigorous habit and great disease resistance. Let this dazzling pink rose enchant you this summer, and for many summers to come! Zones 5 to 10.