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Potentilla Arc En Ciel

Potentilla 'Arc En Ciel'

Brighten Shaded Areas with Red and Gold!

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Its name means rainbow and this Cinquefoil has definitely earned its title! 'Arc En Ciel' features scarlet double blooms with lovely yellow edging for unbeatable color contrast. This showy perennial comes to life in summer when it drowns its clumping green foliage in the bright colors of its flowers. You won't be the only one drawn to these striking blooms butterflies will flock around it and fill your garden with even more color and life. It does well in any sunlight so use it to brighten any spot in your landscape. 'Arc En Ciel' needs plenty of water so it is a good choice for accenting natural water features in your garden as well. You will love the rainbow of bold red and bright yellow that this flower will shower across your garden.