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Amsonia Blue Ice

Amsonia 'Blue Ice'

Beautiful blue blooms!

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Arkansas Blue Star is low maintenance as well as resistant to deer and drought. A perennial, it adds multi-season color to any garden, as well as texture and form. This native plant puts forth sky blue blooms in last spring and early summer, adding their cool, lustrous tones to your garden against feathery, dark green foliage; a beautiful canvas against which these beauties really shine. In fall, the leaves turn a blazing gold-yellow.A modest plant, the Arkansas Blue Ice grows to just one foot tall and about wide. It has a bushy habit and makes a good border plant. It is not invasive and works well in beds as well. When planted among ornamental grasses and fragrant shrubs, Arkansas Blue Ice really shines.

Blue Ice loves well drained soil and fully sunny or lightly shaded garden spaces. It will tolerate dry soil and drought once it is established and is generally unpalatable to deer. Butterflies and bees, on the other hand can't get enough of this flower and will flock to your garden in no time at all!