Arrowhead Plant in Gray Container

Arrowhead Plant in Gray Container

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The perfect gift for everyone on your list, Syngonium is not only beautiful but also healthful for home and office. It is among the most beneficial houseplants for cleaning the air, so even as it improves the look of any room, it also scrubs the air so everyone can breathe easier!

Popularly known as Arrowhead Plant, this tropical woody climber is native to shady jungles and woods in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Even as a houseplant, it can reach 6 feet high and several feet wide, if given a large enough container for its roots. But you can also keep it much smaller by restricting its pot size. Arrowhead Plant is adaptable!

This foliage plant takes its name from the distinctive "footprint" of its large green leaves. As these leaves mature, they may lose this shape, becoming more lobed. It's fascinating to watch the turns this plant takes over time!

Let Arrowhead Plant climb a stick or small trellis in the container, or leave it to tumble down on all sides. It will arrive already well-branched, thoroughly established, and growing merrily in a handsomely textured gray container, suitable for displaying right out of the box. If you want to repot it later, it does well with other plants in a mixed combo, never becoming aggressive yet holding its own. The design possibilities are endless!

Maintaining this houseplant is simple. It likes warm temperatures -- above 60°F is ideal -- and appreciates infrequent, deep waterings and regular feedings. If the leaves seem brittle or stressed, mist them or place the pot onto a dish of moist pebbles to raise the humidity level. (Arrowhead Plant is a fabulous bathroom or kitchen plant, by the way -- it loves the steam!) Place it in bright indirect light (almost any window is fine!) and enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Box Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 28