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Asarum Ling Ling

Asarum 'Ling Ling'

Asarum maximum 'Ling Ling'

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This Panda Face ginger is aptly named as everything about it is reminiscent of the iconic Chinese bear. 'Ling Ling' presents broad, glossy, heart-shaped leaves which bear twin splashes of silvery-pale green that look somewhat like a living Rorschach test. In late spring clusters of black and white flowers appear, adding another layer of intrigue to this already interesting plant. Aside from its visual charms, this unique beauty is also quite resilient! It is deer-resistant and very easy to grow, so you have no excuse not to add this low maintenance plant. It does well in shaded or partly shaded areas and in moist, well drained soil. Add it to your gardenscape for some multicolored foliage interest or grow it indoors in a sunroom to enjoy anytime inside. Wherever you decide to plant 'Ling Ling' it will surely amaze you with it's glossy, striking foliage.