Asimina PawPaw Potomac

Asimina PawPaw Potomac

Asimina triloba 'Potomac'

5-inch Pot
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Pawpaws are small native deciduous trees that bear very large fruit with an extremely sweet, rich taste. Pawpaw Potomac produces larger fruit than many cultivars and is heavy bearing. Cup-shaped purple flowers appear in spring, and give way to edible, oblong, yellowish green fruits which mature in early autumn to a dark brown. These fruits are massive, often weighing over a pound! The sweet flesh is plentiful and the seeds are few. They are richly flavored and absolutely delicious with a smooth texture. This particular variety makes a beautiful ornamental tree in the home garden or landscape. It works well to naturalize in a native plant or wild garden, a shrub border, woodland margin or in damp areas along ponds or streams. Even better, the pawpaw tree produces self defensive compounds so pests are not usually a problem. It does best in full sun to partial shade and well drained, slightly acidic fertile soil. You cannot go wrong with this easy, beautiful, and fruit bearing tree in your landscape.