Astilbe 'Straussenfeder' Ostrich Plume

A Truly Unique Astilbe

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Truly unique among astilbes, Ostrich Plume has gracefully arching pink plumes that flow and drape like ostrich feathers and larger lobed foliage, unlike most astilbes, whose foliage is more fern-like. The plumes are lovely additions to bouquets.

This perennial, also known as false spirea or goats beard, is at its best in dappled shade and moist soil—perfect for waterside and woodlands. In fact, the soil should not be allowed to dry out. The plant is low maintenance, heavy shade and walnut tolerant, and deer and rabbit resistant.

Shown to best effect when grouped, the plant will also spread by rhizomes and can be divided every 2 to 4 years. Combining with astilbe varieties that bloom at different times and in different colors keeps a colorful display going throughout the season.