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Tulip Crispa Auxerre - Pack of 10

Tulip Crispa 'Auxerre' - Pack of 10

Tulipa hybrid crispa 'Auxerre'

Pack of 10
Item # 37821-PK-10

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Like cut-glass crystal, the fine fringing on these petals catches the light beautifully! 'Auxerre' is a Fringed Tulip with a play of snowy white and deep pink, very elegant and long-lasting. You will love it as a garden accent and a vase standout.

Standing about 18 inches high, 'Auxerre' boasts a very thick stem that keeps it lasting longer in the garden or vase than many other tulips. The petals have a waxy sheen as well, giving them more protection against strong sun, wind, and rain. But it is the fine serrated edge, as delicate as shredded satin, that really pops out on these big blooms! Fringed tulips can be difficult to find, and ones as lovely as 'Auxerre' are very rare indeed.

'Auxerre' blooms in mid to late tulip season, after the Darwin Hybrids have opened but before the Parrots. The cup-shaped blooms unfurl slowly, extending their time of beauty. They make a lovely overplanting to creeping Phlox or Mother of Thyme in the sunny border, and often pair with Irises. Such lovely colors and unusual texture!

Tulips are simply a must-have for the spring bulb garden. If you live in a warm climate (zone 7 or above), these beautiful bulbs may be annual, but if planted deeply in sandy, loose soil, may return for several years. Farther north, they are reliable performers for more than one season. Do plant them freely, because you will want to cut many of the blooms for the vase, too! Zones 3-8. Pack of 10 bulbs.