Persea Americana


Use a loose potting soil that drains well, such as the type recommended for cactus that contains extra sand or perlite. Gradually shift into larger pots as needed. Place the potted plant in a sunny window indoors or move outdoors gradually into stronger sun for the summer. Water about once a week during the summer but only once every 2 to 4 weeks during the fall and winter. Always check the soil before watering to make sure that it is beginning to dry out.

If in doubt as to whether to water, wait a day or two and check it again, since it probably doesn’t need water at that time. Water thoroughly making sure that the water flows freely through the drainage holes, however pour out any excess water from the drainage tray so the plant won’t set in water for any length of time. Use a water soluble fertilizer, according to label directions through the summer. Move indoors in the fall before the temperature drops below 50 degrees at night to a sunny, warm window.


The flowers can be pollinated by allowing a fan to blow across the plant or by gently shaking the plant each day to scatter the pollen. Pinch or cut the branches as desired to keep the plant bushy and within bounds.

Gradually shift into larger pots as needed. Harvest the avocados when they turn from green to black and are still only slightly soft. Clip them from the tree with a short stem attached and handle carefully to avoid bruising. Allow about 14 months for each avocado to ripen fully.


Zones 9-12