Azalea Bloom-A-Thon® Hot Pink

Weeks and Weeks of blooms each year!

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Good news for Azalea lovers! While most other Azaleas only provide a week or two of blooms each year, Bloom-A-Thon® Hot Pink will provide you with up to 20 or more weeks of blooms each year! These bright pink flowers will brighten up your landscape in spring, summer, and fall. You will be treated to bold pink blooms for months on end. This semi-evergreen is both shade and heat tolerant meaning not only is it beautiful but easy to care for. This incredibly healthy shrub is a superstar in every way. You will love the neat, ultra-compact habit, the superior heat and cold tolerance, and the resistance to foliar diseases. It is gorgeous, long blooming, and low maintenance. What more could you ask for? Most of all, you will love the beautiful hot pink blooms, month after month! Zones 6-9