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Azalea Canzonetta

Azalea 'Canzonetta'

Rhododendron Canzonetta

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! With 'Canzonetta', you'll enjoy large pink flowers, which will entirely cover the dense foliage, when most Azaleas have finished blooming for the season.

Partially double teacup-shaped flowers, growing to 2 inches, stand out on the otherwise tiny plant while blooming until mid-June. The Rhododendron is flat and compact. The thick foliage develops a bronze tint in winter.

'Canzonetta' rarely grows to more than 3 feet at maturity. It thrives in moist, well-drained soil. Great for flower borders and beds, patios and containers, it requires little space.

Evergreen Azaleas, with their explosion of colorful spring blossoms, are a welcome sight when winter releases us from its frosty grip. Deciduous Azaleas can bring to your property fantastic scent as well as summer-long blooms.

Many deciduous hybrids begin flowering long before summer begins and carry their beauty into the fall with brightly colored foliage. Typically, evergreen Azaleas have a mounding growth habit.

As garden plants, Azaleas are versatile and require little care. If planted in rich soil in a protected location, they will thrive for decades. Shallow rooted, they dry easily and drown if watered too much. Peat moss or peat humus or compost can make sandy or dry soil suitable. Mulching helps Azaleas retain moisture, smother weeds, and cool the soil.

Spent flowers can be removed to promote new growth but pruning is rarely necessary. Evergreen Azaleas rarely require pruning, but if necessary, should be pruned right after flowering.