Geranium Azure Rush®

Geranium Azure Rush®

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This gorgeous geranium is the spitting image of its proud parent the well-loved 'Rozanne' variety. Its perfusion of 2.5 inch flowers are a delicate lavender the reminds one of the sky right before dawn. These darling flower attract butterflies too, always a welcome pollinator in the garden. While just as floriferous and lovely, Azure is different in from its predecessor in that it tends to amble instead of ramble. This means that it has a much tidier spreading habit due to its shorter internodes. Aside from its visual appeal, this Geranium also boasts fragrant foliage that is quite well-branched and compact.

One of the best things about Azure Rush is that is produced flowers in its first year with no vernalization needed. It's a long lived perennial that works well as good groundcover, or flowing in hanging baskets or window boxes. While its possible to grow it in direct sunlight, it much prefers a bit of shade especially in the brutal heat of summer.Zones 5-8