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Bamboo in Retro White Container

Bamboo in Retro White Container

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Do good looks equal good luck? This bamboo seems to say so! Beautifully plaited in a formal cross-hatch pattern, it is growing in a stylish white container with black stands. What a charming accent for anyone on your "nice" list this year!

Bamboo is famously easy to grow, and this plant asks only for bright indirect light such as you find in any home or office, plus regular waterings. Don't allow it to dry out, and it will do the rest -- looking as fresh and pretty in a season or two as it does the day it arrives, already planted and growing merrily!

And the planter is a real find, a mid-20th-Century American look in black and white. Just the ticket for a desktop, mantel, or dining table centerpiece! Keep a few of these gift plants on hand for last-minute decor items as well as hostess gifts.

Including the plant, this gift reaches about 17 inches high, and is 6 inches wide. You can't go wrong by wishing friends and family good fortune with a lovely houseplant they can grow even with no previous gardening experience!

Box Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 19"Care Guide:

  • Water every 7 - 10 days, keeping the roots moist
  • Display in bright artificial light or near a window in indirect sunlight
  • Keep temperature between 60 and 80F. Keep away from conditioning or heating vents.
  • Feed balanced houseplant food once per month at 1/2 strength. Water plant before feeding.