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Baptisia Decadence® Sparkling Sapphires

Baptisia Decadence® 'Sparkling Sapphires'

Baptisia hybrid 'Sparkling Sapphires' PP#27,904

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This new addition to the Baptisia Decadence® series will stop you in your tracks with its vibrant blooms! These vivid violet blue blossoms arrive in late spring and last until early summer.

Just 3 feet high and 2.5 to 3 feet wide, this neat perennial begins flowering in late spring in most climates, continuing into summer. The pea-like blooms are followed by showy seedpods that last into fall, adding another season of beauty to the display. Lush blue-green foliage keeps the entire plant attractive from spring until frost.

Due to its compact growth habit, you likely will not have trouble finding a spot for this perennial in your landscape. It is easy to grow and will likely thrive with little maintenance. It thrives in full sun or partly shaded areas. Try planting it in the garden bed, or as a backdrop in the border. Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators will also likely stop by for a visit to this sweet plant! Easy to maintain this perennial will bring joy to your landscape all season long.