Tulip Barbados

Turns from Green to Crimson!

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A�remarkably�fragrant tulip, Barbados�features bright, color-changing,�sweet�blooms�with beautifully fringed edges tightly furled.�Green when closed, they turn a rich shade of crimson when opened!

Blooming in mid- to late season, sturdy and strong on 20- to 22-inch stems, Barbados features single flowers with�wide petals,�elegantly curved, and fringed�until fully open. Sharing�their sweet fragrance with surrounding flowers in the bulb garden, they�make a gorgeous bouquet!

This exceptional�cultivar shines when given prominent location such as near the front of a border or along a walkway. Its remarkable color and form may close inspection a must!

�Give it protection from�strong winds and rains. The�flowers should be cut as they begin to open,�allowing you�to capture�the full majesty of their show!

A splendid addition to any spring-blooming bulb garden, Barbados will become a favorite in the vase as well. Make it part of your permanent garden beginning this season! Zones 3-8.