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Beach Blanket™ Groundcover Rose

Beach Blanket™ Groundcover Rose

Rosa 'JACdarpi'

Bring a small piece of the beach home with the Beach Blanket Groundcover Rose. This free-flowering, vigorous rose conjures up the feelings of anticipation and freedom that one gets from a weekend getaway at the beach.

With its eye-popping, cheery colors and heavy-blooming, fast-growing attributes, the Beach Blanket Rose is a popular choice among the Blanket series. This rose puts on a sprawling display of yellow-gold and tropical pink in containers or across sunlit areas of the yard, making it a versatile choice. The flower reaches a height of 18 inches and a width of 24 inches, and its blossoms measure at 2.5-3 inches.

The rose's ovoid buds open to showcase its wide blooms that release a subtle fragrance, and its medium green, glossy foliage is barely visible underneath the brilliant, colorful blooms that appear in full-force during mid-summer.

Beach Blanket roses grow easily even in difficult soils, providing waves of blooms every month of the season. Little effort is required on the gardener's part when growing this eager-to-bloom beauty.