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Tulip Beauty of Spring

Tulip 'Beauty of Spring'

Won't flop under bad weather!

Pack of 10
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While single color tulips will always have a special place in our hearts, bi-colored tulips like Beauty of Spring are quite a refreshing change of pace. They begin as a delicate green that steadily pales to white and then yellow as fiery orange erupts over the edges of each silky petal. The beauty of this tulip is unparalleled and the best part is just how long lasting it is in the garden. You can enjoy the scene of these brilliant blooms dappling your landscape in midspring or striking a pose in your vases. Their robust, weather and droop proof stems make vase life not only possible but encouraged! Despite their status as annuals, when planted deeply in loose or sandy soil in warmer climates you can expect Beauty of Spring the next season and for several years after that. 3-8. Pack of 10 bulbs.