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Begonia Bonfire (pack of 3)

Begonia Bonfire (pack of 3)

Begonia boliviensis Bonfire®

The Fire® Begonia that began it all! This beautiful, very free-flowering Begonia sets hundreds upon hundreds of wide-open dangling bell-shaped blooms over two long seasons. The fiery hot-orange flowers appear on scarlet stems, simply beguiling every butterfly and hummingbird for miles around (not to mention the lucky gardener who gets to enjoy them up close every day!). Tolerant of full sun but also content in partial shade, this is a vigorous, colorful, unbelievably lovely Begonia you simply can't do without!

Two inches high and wide, these flowers begin as soon as the hot summer weather arrives, and won't quit until summer's end. Even then, it turns out they were only resting -- after a few weeks, you'll get an autumn encore in all but the coldest climates! If you live in a warm area, the fall repeat can be nearly as spectacular as the summer-long spectacle! Now that's flower power!

Bonfire® grows about 18 to 36 inches high and trails 24 to 36 inches long, so it's a bushy, very full presence for any container or even the garden bed. We think it looks stunning in hanging baskets, its olive-green foliage offering a nicely muted backdrop to the fiery blooms. It doesn't mind a bit of dry weather, and remains neat despite its trailing habit.

The Fire® series was bred in New Zealand by plantsman Anthony Tesselaar, and has become an instant classic. And why not? They offer an entirely new look, coupled with masses of blooms, great tolerance of heat and drought, and a tidy trailing habit just ideal for containers.

Contains three 4-inch pots.