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Berberis thunbergii Sunjoy® Tangelo

Berberis thunbergii Sunjoy® Tangelo

Berberis thunbergii 'O'Byrne' PP#26,546

Plant Patent Applied For. Cultivar name: 'O'Byrne'

The Berberis Sunjoy® has a unique look, and each beautiful orange leaf offers a contrasting light green edge. The bright colors last from the beginning of spring until the first frost in autumn. This unique foliage is burn-resistant and attracts several varieties of songbird. Even though the Sunjoy® attracts these birds, it's deer-resistant, so you won't have to worry about deer coming by and looking for a snack! The Sunjoy® Tangelo even grows well in urban environments, you don't need to live inthe country to enjoy them. These plants make excellent borders, or you can add one or two of them to simply add beauty to your yard! The Berberis Sunjoy® Tangelo stands up to five feet high, but it can be pruned during the summer. Unless you want to prune, it requires very little trimming. It grows best in full sun and in well-drained soil. It is also resistant to drought. This hardy, colorful shrub is best suited for planting zones 4-8.

**Please note that we cannot ship Berberis Sunjoy® Tangelo to Canada, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands.