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Bergenia Flirt

Bergenia 'Flirt'

Hot pink flowers float above deep green and brown foliage!

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This tiny plant is the perfect addition for your containers, beds, and front borders! You won't believe how compact this precious plant is until you see it for yourself. Forming a dense clump of dark, almost-black foliage, this plant keeps its shape through many of nature's obstacles. Hot pink flowers arise on short stems, just a couple of inches above the contrasting foliage.

The pink blooms appear in March, and last until the heat of summer arrives. It enjoys well-drained soil, and is tolerant of drought, so don't give this little guy too much to drink. 'Flirt' will attract Hummingbirds to your spring garden to fill it with even more color and life. However, deer avoid it so you don't have to worry about pests ruining the pretty pink blooms. Let yourself fall for the charms of Bergenia 'Flirt'!