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Bergenia Pink Dragonfly

Bergenia 'Pink Dragonfly'

Season after season of interest!

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Commonly known as "Pigsqueak", Bergenia are clump forming evergreen perennials native to central Asia with large, leathery leaves with wavy or saw toothed edges. Bergenia are incredibly hardy and reliably evergreen and 'Pink Dragonfly' is no exception! It forms a low clump of long, narrow, dark green leaves which develop rich burgundy tones when the weather turns cool in the fall and winter. Taller stems of bell shaped hot pink flowers rise above the shiny foliage in the middle of spring. It looks beautiful when planted in mass or used as an edging along a walkway. Brightening up your landscape with foliage interest and pretty pink blooms. This is the plant for you if you're looking for multi-season interest! Dark green foliage, a wide range of pink blooms in the spring, not to mention the dark plum foliage in the fall and winter. Add it to your beds and borders and you'll never be bored.