Berry Seed Tube Birdfeeder

Berry Seed Tube Birdfeeder

Medium Berry
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Everything about this feeder is easy to use and built to last, from the UV protection to the chew-proof fittings to the Quick-Clean® removable base. No other birdfeeder is more reliable for season after season of dependable, trouble-free feeding.

The 4-inch diameter, polycarbonate tube is UV-stabilized and holds 3½ quarts of seed. The die-cast metal base removes easily with a squeeze of the base release buttons, making it easy to clean and refill. This feature is vital because bird health relies on frequent feeder cleaning. It is designed to hold Sunflower, safflower and specialty seed blends, making it great for attracting chickadees, goldfinches, Grobeaks, Jays, Juncos, Nuthatches, Pine Siskins, Titmice, Purple Finches, and Woodpeckers.

The hardware is all a rich red-finished meal, and includes a top, removable base, and six bird ports with built-in stands. The perching real estate can be extended even further with a seed tray. The seed deflector built into the bottom ensures that every seed gets delivered to the birds without leaving any in the base to molder.

The Quick-Clean® BIG TUBE feeder is proudly made in the USA by Aspects® and backed by their lifetime guarantee. It is made of heavy die-cast metal and durable, UV-stabilized polycarbonate that will stand magnificently against weather and wear. Thanks to the longevity and ease of use, you are sure to love this feeder; thanks to the ample capacity and the six comfy perches, your birds are too!

Hang this feeder with the included metal hanger, slipping it onto a Shepard's hook or any sturdy branch. This makes it easy to move it around wherever you wish, or take it down for the season. Dimensions: 20 Inches0 High x 5-inch Diameter. Holds 3½ Quarts of seed.Made in the USA