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Betula Royal Frost®

Betula Royal Frost®

Betula hybrid 'Penci-2'

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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Valued for its vibrant purple leaves which turn a brilliant golden orange in fall, Royal Frost is a noble addition to any Northern landscape. Its foliage is something to see as is its appealing white bark and pyramidal shape which breaks the monotony of traditional tree cover. Because of the genetics of the Betula pendula in this hybrid it's shape is a loose interpretation of the classic pyramid which makes it an even more interesting addition to the landscape. This birch is a rewarding accent great for tying the landscape together and a must-plant for Northerners who love birch.

Royal Frost prefers acidic soil that is moist yet well drained and does well in sandy and rocky ground. It is sun tolerant but doesn't mind partial shade, particularly in areas with sweltering summers. Northern climates are where it thrives best. This tree does not do well past zone 7 as heat stress makes it more susceptible to bronze birch borer. Take care to watch for other common pests such as Aphids and leaf miners. Ships in 1 Gallon container

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Royal Frost
Cathy from MI wrote on June 19, 2019:

I love birch trees! This tree was the perfect color, shape and size for my yard. I needed a tree that would add some privacy and help to keep the afternoon sun off my house.