Beverly™ Eleganza® Hybrid Tea Rose

Beverly™ Eleganza® Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa 'KORpauvio' PP#23,495

Double-petaled blooms in pink with a fruity fragrance.

The award-winning Beverly™ Hybrid Tea Rose has four-inch, double blooms in a captivating swirl of pinks. The blooms have a light, powdery pink on the outside and a rich fuchsia or cerise in the center. Its strong fragrance is remarkably like a heady, citrusy blend of pear, peach, patchouli and myrtle. The foliage is dark green and resistant to blackspot and mildew.

Beverly™ is one of the Eleganza series and is bred to be easy to care for and resistant to disease. It grows to 4- to 4½ feet in height and 3 feet in width. It prefers full sunlight and moist, well-drained soil. It is resistant to disease, black spot and mildew. It makes a gorgeous bed, border or hedge shrub. It also is a lovely cut flower or ornamental.

It is the winner of many awards and medals. In 2013 the Beverly™ won the Golden Rose of the Hague and the best hybrid tea and most fragrant rose in the Biltmore International Rose Trials.