Agastache Black Adder

Agastache Black Adder

Agastache 'Black Adder' PPAF

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Plant Patent Applied For. Cultivar name: 'Black Adder'.

Is there anything more magnificent in the summer and early fall garden than long-blooming, butterfly- and hummingbird-friendly Hyssop? This new variety will complement older Hyssops with its nearly-black buds and rich, deeply-colored red-violet blooms. You just can't find a better, more carefree performer for the sunny bed or border!

These flowers open on long racemes, each quite small but jammed together so tightly and profusely that the effect is of a long wand of solid color! And what a color it is. The buds are nearly black, bursting into rich violet and deep red tones as the petals unfurl. Spectacular!

'Black Adder' blooms from early summer right into fall, much longer than older varieties. This is because it's sterile, so it WON'T toss seeds all over your yard. It devotes all its energy to flower production, and you are going to love the results!

'Black Adder' has been found to grow successfully in a wide range of climates, from wet and cold to warm and dry, humid to arid. Give it full sun and good drainage, and after the first year you'll find that it even puts up with periods of drought. A superbly garden-worthy perennial, deserving of a place in your garden!

This plant reaches 3 feet high and about 2 1/2 feet wide. Space the plants 2 feet apart for a good dense, bushy look. Zones 6-9.