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Black Satin Blackberry

'Black Satin' Blackberry

All the Sweetness of Blackberries Minus the Thorns!

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Admit it -- your eyes light up and your mouth begins to water at the sight of ripe, shiny blackberries so plump they're ready to fall off the stem. 'Black Satin' takes that feeling and supersizes it by providing fruit the size of golf balls! Yes, you heard that right. Each ripe berry is positively massive, glossy, and full to bursting with sweet juice that lacks any hint of sourness. Something else this plant lacks, thankfully, is thorns. While many of us would risk scratched hands for fruit of this magnitude we're proud to say that with this thornless variety you won't have to! This fast-growing variety is full of charms and a must-plant for any kitchen garden.

Growing 'Black Satin' is quite simple and is the same procedure as growing raspberries. You can either plant the rootball by itself with its top sticking out level to the ground or situate it near a trellis so that it can be trained to climb. Black Satin can bear fruit the first year, but if you truly want the highest performance from this plant it is better to cut it back after planting to promote stronger, healthier growth for the years to come. Water this bush well during its growth and cut it back to about 5 canes per crown in winter.