Rosa Blaze Improved

One of the Most Popular Climbers in America

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Blazed Improved is one of the most prolific climbing Roses we have ever offered. With brilliant scarlet-red blooms emerging in clusters all over the plant, this climber spreads like a wall of fire on fences, gates, and trellis.

The first of the blooms appear in June and continue all summer long, and even make another grand showing in early fall. An easy-grower, this climbing Rose is recommended for first-time gardeners who want an exceptional rose-growing experience. Of course, seasoned gardeners who enjoy a very long season of color will not be disappointed by Blazed Improved.

Growing up to 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide, this blazing climber will take over and weave its way through a trellis or easily hide an unsightly fence, providing total coverage with its generous foliage. The blooms reach 2 to 3 inches wide, offering fiery color against the deep green leaves.

In the Spring, remove dead wood for even more beautiful blooms in the fall. Blazed Improved enjoys plenty of sun, water, and food. You will truly enjoy this easy-grower.