10 Reasons to Give Gift Plants for Birthdays or Other Occasions

pink peonies blooming
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10 Reasons to Give Gift Plants for Birthdays or Other Occasions

Take the Stress Out of Shopping for Gifts--Send Plants!

It’s no secret: Gift shopping is stressful. Sometimes the best gifts are the most simple, and these are easy, beautiful and long lasting presents that your loved ones will cherish for years to come. When you give a gift plant you’re giving so much more!

The Gift of Beauty

This one may seem obvious but it’s worth mentioning all the same. Houseplants are simple ways to light up a room and give it that extra something. Whether you’re drawn to flowers or peculiar foliage houseplants are living decorations that never go out of style.

The Gift of Longevity

With a little care, a gift plant can live for years in your home. Anyone who’s gotten a gift only to misplace it, discard it or re-gift it months later knows the value of having something that has continued purpose in your life. When you give a plant as a present it’s an item that has the potential to bring lasting and continued joy to the receiver for years to come.

The Gift of Ease

No wrapping, no manual, no batteries required! With a million things to worry about in your daily life it’s nice to have something that practically takes care of itself. Many houseplants are extremely low maintenance and hardly need anything other than water, sunshine and soil, and sometimes not even that much! (see: air plants) When it comes to houseplants you get maximum reward for minimum effort.

The Gift of Better Health

Houseplants cleanse the air of common impurities that make us sick and are thus ideal for city dwellers. Even if you live in the suburbs or out in the countryside having some indoor plants is refreshing addition to any dull or stuffy space. Use low light plants in bathrooms and you’ll be surprised by the effect! Aside from their role as air purifiers, plants are also great for mental health as well. Whether you’re tending them or just admiring them, houseplants tend to boost our mood, lower our stress levels and generally put us in a better mental state. It’s green therapy at its finest.

The Gift of Inspiration

Giving a plant can spark an interest in gardening and open the receiver to the amazing world of horticulture. This can be a great starting place for a lifelong hobby that is fruitful in more ways than one!

The Gift of Comfort

It’s funny how a living thing, even an leafy green one, can soothe loneliness. Plants are perfect for those who live alone and cannot own pets. They might not fetch a ball or curl up on your lap, but plants are great company and there are few joys like that of raising a healthy plant and admiring its seasonal changes as it flourishes under your care.

The Gift of Versatility

Some people are hard to shop for and sometimes you’re not sure what kind of present would be appropriate for every random associate in your life. Never fear! Houseplants are the solution. They are gifts for all ages and occasions and generally well received by many types of people. Whether friends, relatives or coworkers, this living decoration works for all seasons and occasions. You can’t go wrong!

The Gift of Knowledge

Raising a plant inside gives us many insights about ourselves while providing info for younger folks to learn. Perhaps your child wants a pet but you’re not sure if they can take care of one yet. A houseplant is the perfect opportunity to teach responsibility for a living thing while also educating them about the life cycle of plants. Indoor plants aren’t just decorations: they are amazing ongoing biology lessons!

The Gift of Savings

There are plenty of cheap gifts and plenty of good gifts but few items meet both standards. With the costs of things rising seemingly every time you blink, it’s nice to be able to give a gift that’s within your budget, especially when you have a big list on your hands. For all the lasting benefits they offer, houseplants are relatively inexpensive and have thus gained popularity in recent years, particularly with millennials

The Gift That Keeps Giving

When well tended, houseplants can offer many benefits throughout their lifetime. Dwarf fruit trees like the lemon tree pictured above provide sweet, tangy smelling blooms which mature into those sunny citrus fruits we all know and love. Somehow the flowers smell sweeter and the fresh produce tastes better when coupled with the knowledge that you grew them yourself. Now imagine giving someone else the opportunity to experience that same feeling. Delightful isn’t it?