6 Long-Blooming Perennial Flowers

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6 Long-Blooming Perennial Flowers

Perennials That Have a Long Blooming Season

Many slower-growing perennials need much less water and can give you just as much beauty.  There are also a huge variety of drought-tolerant plants available that, once established, will do wonderfully with almost no irrigation.

Geranium RozanneGeranium Rozanne

Perennial geraniums (called Cranesbill Geraniums) are a great choice for lasting beauty as most varieties bloom continuously for many weeks. One of our favorites is Havana Blues with its deep purple veins running down delicate lavender petals on flowers which bloom from summer well into fall. There are many varieties of geraniums and some bloom from spring to summer in gorgeous colors. At Wayside Gardens we’re always looking for new varieties. So come back often to see what new flower delights we have for sale.

Photo Credit: Donnahues

Once you’ve seen them in full bloom, it’s almost impossible not to be enamored by the halting beauty of clematis. These perennial vines are so diverse in shape, color and habit that there is certain to be one to suit any gardener’s taste. Bloom times are as various as the varieties themselves so check the product details and choose from among spring, summer and even fall blooming clematises. Clematis vines are glorious in their reliable display of large and impressive blooms adding more colorful interest to your perennial garden.

buddleia purple shrubbuddleia purple shrub

Buddleia, also known as the Butterfly Bush, stands out for its remarkable endurance and the vibrant life it brings to gardens. Buddleia boasts an extended blooming period that stretches from early summer well into autumn. Butterfly bushes are also a magnet for pollinators, drawing butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds with its nectar-rich flowers. With its easy care requirements and fast growth, Buddleia exemplifies the ideal long-blooming perennial, giving both visual splendor and environmental benefits.

yellow coreopsis flowersyellow coreopsis flowers
Photo Credit: Terra Nova

Coreopsis, known as 'Tickseed,' shines brightly with a relentless display of resilient color. Coreopsis embodies the heart of summer gardens, with a blooming season that generously extends from early summer to the first frosts of fall. This sun-loving perennial brings a burst of cheer with its daisy-like flowers, available in shades of yellow, gold, orange, and even vibrant reds and pinks, making it a versatile choice for any garden palette. Adaptable to a variety of soil conditions and resistant to drought, Coreopsis helps gardeners create a lively, pollinator-friendly garden with minimal effort. 

bleeding hearts in gardenbleeding hearts in garden
Photo Credit: Walters Gardens

Dicentra, also known as Bleeding Heart, carves out a niche of its own with its distinctive, heart-shaped flowers and lasting charm. Unlike the fleeting blooms of many garden favorites, Dicentra offers a prolonged display of flowers from late spring into mid-summer, with some varieties continuing to grace the garden with their presence into early fall. The plant's unique blooms, suspended in arching sprays above fern-like foliage, create a whimsical and captivating sight that adds a layer of visual depth to shaded garden areas. This shade-loving perennial not only enhances the diversity of garden spaces but also supports local ecosystems by providing shelter and sustenance to pollinators. 

lavender blue scabiosa flowerlavender blue scabiosa flower

Commonly known as a pincushion flower these dwarf plants pack a big punch in the garden. Scabiosa’s charming lavender-blue blooms persist from spring until frost. A single, compact pincushion plant has been known to product hundreds of blooms over the long season. Talk about flower power, scabiosa certainly has it.

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