Do Garden Fertilizer and Plant Food Make a Difference

espoma fertilizer in a garden
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Do Garden Fertilizer and Plant Food Make a Difference

How Espoma Transforms Your Garden

Do you ever look out at your garden and wish you had a fairy godmother (or at least her magic wand) to whisk away your planting pains? Espoma isn’t magic, but its products have an astounding effectiveness which is as close to bibbity-bobbity-boo as we’ve ever experienced. They’re a trusted name for a reason and now it’s time to see why.

Like training for a marathon or renovating a dilapidated house, gardening is always easier said than done. Any serious horticulturist can tell you that tending green and growing things is a labor of love and not for the faint of heart. That said, with the right tools in your arsenal there’s a lot less labor and so much more to love.

Espoma has made it their personal mission to bring out the full potential of your plants, from bulbs, to trees, containers to beds and beyond. They know that the best way to ensure healthy growth is by amending the soil so that it meets your plant’s ideal conditions. Whether you want brighter blooms, bigger tomatoes or more resilient roses, there’s nothing like these trusted products on the market. Not only are these products safe and effective, they are also formulated specifically for the health of individual plant species. Rosarians should always keep some Rose-tone around and vegetable gardeners will have plenty to brag about with Tomato-tone working its magic on their plants. Espoma is science married to nature and uses specially balanced slow-release formulas of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium that help your plant not just survive but truly flourish.

They say seeing is believing, so here are two reasons why we trust Espoma: