Easy Tips to Garden in a Drought

drought tolerant perennials
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Easy Tips to Garden in a Drought

Tips for Gardening During a Drought

Drought can be one of the most disappointing things to happen to a gardener. You work all year long, growing beautiful plants, and your yard looks exactly how you want it to look. All of it can be taken away in just a few dry weeks in August. There are a few things you can do to give your garden the best chance of pulling through.

  1. When it starts to get dry cut back on the fertilizer or stop completely. Your plants do not need to be trying to grow right now, they need to be focusing on survival. Fertilizer stimulates growth and moisture intake.
  2. Aerate your soil in the spring. This will allow roots to access moisture and nutrients more readily, giving your plants a big jump on the drier months to come.
  3. Water longer but less frequently. Water deep into the soil, train your roots to grow down to where the soil holds moisture. Shallow root systems will dry out very quickly.
  4. Water in the morning. Water your garden before 9 am, earlier if you can manage. Later in the day your moisture is more likely to evaporate before your plants have a chance to soak it up.

Prune in early winter after the tree has gone dormant to encourage more fruit production next season.

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